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We are back....since away from dog breeder's society for more than 15 years . 

In 1972, I have an opportunity to view the film, The Doberman Gang that was my first impression in this breed and I started to raise Dobermann as a hobby in 1975 while I was studying Civil Engineering Degree. Upon graduation, I raised a few Dobermanns and have several litters from local bloodline most of the puppies were give to friends. Due to the nature of work as a Civil Engineer, I have to left home often and finally stop raising dogs.

In mid of 80's I started to breed Boxers with the name Donmoon Farm, at that time I imported VDH Champion and Europa Sieger and several female Boxers with titles and breeding test from Germany and Donmoon Farm was very popular among the Boxer's society in Thailand.

Finally in the early 2000's I have to stop raising dogs again, I have to accompanied my son to study in Canada as a father and his adviser. After spend my life in North America for almost a decade, I finally decided to return home on April, 2009 to raise Dobermann as my son is in his last year in Civil Engineering Degree.

I strongly believed that early stimulation and socialization to puppy will be benefited the dog's life and the human. Thank you for the researchers and articles regarding to the early stimulation and socialization and raising the Dobermann. The lack of socialization during the puppy life and the lack of genetic background that leads to an enormous misunderstanding about the aggressiveness in Dobermann. I have tried my best to translate some of the valuable articles for the Thai to have a better understanding and to promoted European bloodline Dobermann on my website with hopefully that the Dobermann will be re-populared in this country as well as throughout the region in the nearest future.  

In addition, the understanding and the knowledge in genetic and the character of the owner has play an important roles in raising dog. Raising dog especially Dobermann needs socialization/educate, time and patient as well as raising your own kid as kid or dog's behavior reflects their parent/owner.

Donmoon Dobermann Kennel,
April, 2009
156 Moo 3, Donmoon, Sungmen
Phrae 54130, Thailand
Mobile: +66 87 189 4338