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We're collecting Top Males semen from European Bloodline for our breeding purposes.

The minimum qualifications of the male that we have their semen are:

  • Champion Titles from big rings

  • Progeny proved 

  • Passed ZTP

  • Passed IPO

  • HD-Free

  • vWD-Free


  • Brucella canis-Free

Currently we have frozen semen from:

Our new batches of frozen semen from The World Best Working Dobermann Bloodline from Germany have arrived.

  E.T. vom Hexenzauber
HD-A, BH, IGP 3, ZTP SG1A, vWD-Clear, DCM-Free

Sire: Ataraxie's Erwin, ZTP: SG-1A, BH; IPO-3, vWD-Clear, Cardio Free , Res. VDH Champion
Dam: Base vom Hexenzauber, HD-Free, ED- Free,
ZTP: SG-1A, BH; AD, IPO-3, vWD-Träger, DCM Free

  Lexus Les Deux Peupliers
HD-1, PHPV/PHTVL, DCM (27-07-2016) Free 2014, Dilution: DD, AD, IPO 3, SPH 1, SPH 2, ZTP V1A, Körung ZVA 1B

Sire: Zamu Les Deux Peupliers, HD-A,  PHPV/PHTVL-vrij, BH,  UV,  ADpr,  ZTP-SG-1A, GHP-III,  IPO-III,  SchH-III, ANGEKÖRT-ZVA-1A
Dam: Jinga Les Deux Peupliers, HD-A, PHPV/PHTVL-vrij, VZH/BH, UV, ZTP V1A, IPO 3, Reserve Winster Hazeldonk Trofee 2009, Rheinberg: VDH-Anw., Essen: VDH-Anw., Tilburg: Reserve CACIB JeugdKampioen Africhting Belgie-Nederland 2011, AfrichtingsKampioenschap DVIN 2012: 2e plaats.

  Aaron von der Sternhöhe
HD-A, IGP 3, ZTP SG1A, vWD-Clear, DCM-Free

Sire: Nigg von der Scheltheide, HD-A, IPO 3, ZTP V1A, V1 CAC, DCM: Free Holter-24h (2017-01-07); Dilute DD, Willebrand N-vWD , PHTVL/PHPV frei, CEA frei, RD frei, PRA frei, Katarakt frei
Dam: Bacardi vom Eschenbruch, HD-A, BH, ZTP 1A, vWD-Clear, Holter-24h,Doppler(2016-12-16) Dilute-D/d

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