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We breed the best to the best.

Currently, we have no puppy available.

Our 2024 Breeding plans.

Dam Sire Breeding method Expect breeding Expect whelping Ready to new home

Donmoon Baroness KIKI
(Sire: Lexus Les Deux Peupliers x Dam: Donmoon Baroness Aubrey)

E.T. vom Hexenzauber
(Sire: Ataraxie's ERWIN x Dam: Base vom Hexenzauber)

Artificial Insemination June, 2024 August, 2024 October, 2024

Donmoon Baroness JAMAICA
(Sire: Aleksvel Trofim x Dam: Donmoon Baroness Aubrey)

Aaron von der Sternhöhe
(Sire: Nigg von der Scheltheide x Dam: Bacardi vom Eschenbruch)

Artificial Insemination July, 2024 September, 2024 November, 2024

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Donmoon Dobermann Kennel
Facebook, Messenger : https://www.facebook.com/donmoon.dobermanns
Instagram : donmoon_dobermanns
Phone/WhatsApp: +66 871894338
Line ID: @ohi0734q
Email: info@donmoonfarm.com


Our new batches of frozen semen of The World Best Working Dobermann Bloodline from Germany have arrived.

  E.T. vom Hexenzauber
HD-A, BH, IGP 3, ZTP SG1A, vWD-Clear, DCM-Free

Sire: Ataraxie's Erwin, ZTP: SG-1A, BH; IPO-3, vWD-Clear, Cardio Free , Res. VDH Champion
Dam: Base vom Hexenzauber, HD-Free, ED- Free,
ZTP: SG-1A, BH; AD, IPO-3, vWD-Träger, DCM Free

  Lexus Les Deux Peupliers
HD-1, PHPV/PHTVL, DCM (27-07-2016) Free 2014, Dilution: DD, AD, IPO 3, SPH 1, SPH 2, ZTP V1A, Körung ZVA 1B

Sire: Zamu Les Deux Peupliers, HD-A,  PHPV/PHTVL-vrij, BH,  UV,  ADpr,  ZTP-SG-1A, GHP-III,  IPO-III,  SchH-III, ANGEKÖRT-ZVA-1A
Dam: Jinga Les Deux Peupliers, HD-A, PHPV/PHTVL-vrij, VZH/BH, UV, ZTP V1A, IPO 3, Reserve Winster Hazeldonk Trofee 2009, Rheinberg: VDH-Anw., Essen: VDH-Anw., Tilburg: Reserve CACIB JeugdKampioen Africhting Belgie-Nederland 2011, AfrichtingsKampioenschap DVIN 2012: 2e plaats.

  Aaron von der Sternhöhe
HD-A, IGP 3, ZTP SG1A, vWD-Clear, DCM-Free

Sire: Nigg von der Scheltheide, HD-A, IPO 3, ZTP V1A, V1 CAC, DCM: Free Holter-24h (2017-01-07); Dilute DD, Willebrand N-vWD , PHTVL/PHPV frei, CEA frei, RD frei, PRA frei, Katarakt frei
Dam: Bacardi vom Eschenbruch, HD-A, BH, ZTP 1A, vWD-Clear, Holter-24h,Doppler(2016-12-16) Dilute-D/d


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Donmoon Baron Arbutus, HD-Normal
Obedience Training 18 months

Bengal von Hohenzollern




"He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog.
You are his life, his love, his leader.
He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart.
You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion....anonymous

Hillary Elite House
Health tested:
Hip dysplasia: HD: A (DV-Germany),
DNA-vWD: Carrier (USA), 
DNA-DCM: Negative (USA), 
Thyroid: Normal (Thailand)

Last updated:   11 January 2024 02:36 PM